Project Description

Social Media Intranet Learning Environment (SMILE) is a social network for teachers, students and parents in an educational safe online environment. SMILE has two components, Social media web-based community using open source software, Drupal, and a prototype of an interactive application (add-on 3D app).

SMILE is designed to encourage active learning outside of the classroom to promote easy communication between teachers and students. And the interactive 3D application supports immersive learning, not as a part of school curriculum but as a supplementary of curriculum, with the fun game mechanics. Overall site is focused on ‘user friendly interface’ that is easy to use to educators who don’t have much time to learn the new technologies.

My role for this project was the Project Manager and Game Designer for the 3D application. As a part of Project Management, I was in charge of overall project work planning, scoping, scheduling, and managing meetings. Because the team was small, I took the task of game designer to create a fun and educational 3D game, called Tummy Tumbler that is the exploration game of human digestive system, which contains a big 3D environment with 2 mini-games and the storyline.

Clients: Department of Curriculum Studies, UBC Canada
Developed by: Team Smile at Centre for Digital Media