Project Description

Operation H20 is the Facebook Game prototype that you play as a part of ‘Agents of Change’ to go back in time and solve problems to save the future where have tons of water problems. You can play the game, solve problems, save the future and share it with your friends!

This project has a big message about water conservation in various range, such as, small like ‘Drink tap water instead of bottle water.’ and big like ‘Agriculture is the biggest and worst source of water waste.’ It is targeting teens age 14-17 who play games but not being aware in water conservation subject. Challenge was to make it fun first while keeping the message behind so teens wouldn’t be off by the fact this is ‘Educational game’ which often they do.

The production team was small with 4 members and we spent long time to create unique idea to make it different from other Facebook games. My role was creating cool and chic looking graphic arts that appeal to teens with style of cuteness that target female audiences since they are the core target audiences.

Clients: de Gaspe Beaubien Foundation and One Drop Foundation (Cirque du Soleil)
Developed by: Team Operation H2O at Centre for Digital Media