Project Description


Nom Nom Rider is one of very first game apps with the launch of Windows 7 Phone from Canada, that is a fun and addictive game for the whole family that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Nom Nom will feed players need for racing fun and over the top eating action. This game is based on Canadian Food Guide as a contents that promoting healthy eating and living targeted audiences from age 6 to 9. This game is available in market place in Windows 7 Phone.

I was in charge of designing characters and props that being used in the game, like items, and animating those characters by creating sprite sheet with couple hundred of graphics. Because this project was finished in one month production time with 5 people team members and plus I was the only character designer, I had to come up with faster way to create many character arts by creating properly aligned sprite sheet with duplicated characters with Illustrator.

Clients: Microsoft Government Division of Canada and Fearless Frog Innovations
Developed by: Yummy Cloud at Centre for Digital Media (Click here for more detail)