Project Description

Company of Heroes is a successful franchise from Relic/Sega. It is an online real-time strategy game where its first version was released in September 2006. The game is set during World War II where players can command different armies in different modes, including single player campaigns and the online multiplayer mode.

On June 2013, Company of Heroes 2 released with the focus on the Eastern Front by controlling the side of Soviet Red Army.
On November 2014, another expansion after The Western Front Armies was released called Ardennes Assault with a focus on the campaign mode between US allied forces and¬†Oberkommando West.¬†This pivotal conflict is known to many as ‘The Battle of the Bulge.’

My responsibility was to transform a complex game into a simple and clean experience through the UI. The different elements that I created included in-game icons, in-game interfaces and styled menus. I strive for successful designs through iterations and testing them. The process includes agile feature planning, wireframing, mockups, team discussion, intense user testing, improvement, and implementation.

Official Ardennes Assault website