Project Description

Banana Samurai is the Microsoft Cloud web-based game as a part of demonstrating their new web system. It is 2D platform game with influences from traditional and contemporary Japanese arts. This game is based on Canadian Food Guide as a contents that promoting  healthy eating and living targeted audiences from age 6 to 9. In the game, you are the young samurai who fights food demons, like french fries, burger and hot dogs, to save his village and honorable healthy food along the journey.

I designed and created all characters, including, the samurai, villagers, little enemies and bosses, and animating them by creating sprite  sheet with couple hundred of graphics. Since the team was using the program called Microsoft Silver Light for the Microsoft Cloud Web Technology, which requires sprite sheet image for animation, I ended up creating about more than 500 graphics to create each key frame of the animation.

Clients: Microsoft Government Division of Canada and Fearless Frog Innovations
Developed by: Yummy Cloud at Centre for Digital Media (Click here for more detail)